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We have the most talented editors, with tens of years of experience in editing, people that are passionate about cropping, retouching, changing and enhancing photos. Photo editing is taken to the level of art today, and we like to consider ourselves artists. Why would you bother learning complicated programs for editing, as long as you can ask the professionals to help you? PhotoEditingIndia™ is your one shop stop for any service related with retouching! Customizable packages, good communication, attention to details and dedication in work is what can you expect from us!

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If you have more than 1000 images per month then we suggest you to contact us for discount. Including with this discount you can also have some additional benefits:

Very Low Cost

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated FTP Account

Pay Monthly

24x7 Phone, Email Support


It's Easy, Affordable & On-Time

We have most easy to follow system. You do not need to register and create any account or deposit funds before you actually see some specifically results for you. Just contact us & do all communication on email. We also offer most affordable rate on internet & dedicated to deliver images on the specified time.



Looking for photo editing services which are both timely and affordable? If you are then you are in the right place. With more than a decade of experience we are providing services to customers that are completely professional as well as economical.

Clipping Path Service

A clipping path forms a stroke around an entity in your picture enabling you to detach the entity and put it in another picture.

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Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path is basically an extension to the use of clipping path. It's also referred to as Color Path or Color Correction Masks...

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Hair Masking

Hair masking is extremely trendy photo masking system. Extracting or masking objects from the background including hair, fur or wool...

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Drop Shadow Effect Service

Shadow Effect is a widely used effect in image editing. Shadow effect is simply the process of putting shadow in a photo.

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Image Conversion Services

Image conversion mainly deals with converting image files to another file format. File conversion isn't a simple and easy task.

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Stock Photo Editing Service

Stock photos are referred to the photographs of common places, landmarks, nature or people that can be sold or bought without having...

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Remove Background

Background removal is an image manipulation technique, utilized to erase the unwanted or unnecessary backdrop from the image.

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Wedding Photo Retouching

The Wedding Portraits are the most important elements in your albums, whether we are talking about the real ones, or about the libraries that...

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Photo Restoration

Speaking in a plain manner, photo restoration service is an assistance to our consumers who like to bring back those old and damaged photo...

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360° Panorama

Panorama is an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding someone. 360° panoramic imaging system will make you feel like you...

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Image Stitching

One of the several services that we offer at photo editing India is the image stitching service. This service will allow the consumers...

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Automobile Retouching

Car/ Automobile retouching service are referred to the stunning automobile photography editing services Every time a company...

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Color Corrections

Color correction is the heart of photo editing. A well-adjusted, warm color palette gives a sense of life & lets your photo breathe...

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High-End Retouching

Proficient magnificence modifying and skin smoothing is a fundamental piece of unrivaled photograph generation. Portfolio, style, promotion...

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Baby Portrait Retouching

It’s a special moment when you and your loved one grow into a family of three. The special one, sharing your blood will need a special portrait...

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Real Estate Photo Editing

A Real Estate Agency gains success through image. From the appearance of the agents to customer support and marketing, everything...

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Image Enhancement

Photo editing India make the image enhancement service that will transform your plain looking portrait into professional grade photo...

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Braces Removal From An Image

Who like a photograph of themselves with braces on their teeth? It is for this exact purpose that we, at photo editing India, have braces...

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Photo Corrections

A clipping path forms a stroke around an entity in your picture enabling you to detach the entity and put it in another picture.

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Jewellery Photo Editing

Have you ever wondered why your jewelry catalogue is not successful? Whether you have an online store or a land based boutique...

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Commercial Photo Editing

Need photo assistance to showcase your business or products to the world in the coolest way? PhotoEditingIndia™ has a service...

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Fashion Model Retouching

Fashion and glamour industries are always focused to your pictures. So photography is the most important...

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Event Photo Editing

Human beings love to celebrate; to express out and make themselves heard – and events are the most common and spontaneous...

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Neck Adding Service

Pictures of clothes, which are displayed by mannequins, hide the neck of the cloths. We remove the mannequins and add neck...

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  • STEP 1 - Send us some sample images along with instructions.
  • STEP 2 - We will process sample images (Min 1 - Max 3) for your review with our price quote.
  • STEP 3 - If you like our sample images and price quote, send us all images via DropBox.com/WeTransfer.com. You can also request a FTP a/c from us.
  • STEP 4 - We will download images & count it & send you half amount of invoice (1/2 of total billing) via PayPal.
  • STEP 5 - Let PhotoEditingIndie™, do the editing job. When its done, we will send you processed images via DropBox.com or FTP.
  • STEP 6 - You can request revision, if you find any issue. If its fine pay the balance half amount via PayPal.
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Market Prices

Pricing Table

Our professional photo editing company provides all the latest photo editing services with perfection. Ghost Mannequin Service is one of the most advanced techniques of precisely removing mannequin from the garment. Our highly qualified and experienced editors enhance the effectiveness of any photo by changing its background.

Clipping Path

Simple Image

$ 0.30
  • 72 DPI –> US$0.30/image
  • >72 DPI but <200 DPI –> +$0.12
  • >200 DPI but <300 DPI –> +$0.33
  • Medium Complex: $0.62/img (72 DPI)
  • High Complex: $1.75/img (72 DPI)


Simple Image

$ 1.10
  • 72 DPI –> US$ 1.10/image
  • >72 DPI but <200 DPI -> +$0.25
  • >200 DPI but <300 DPI -> +$0.35
  • Medium Complex: $1.60/img(72 DPI)
  • High Complex: $2.49/img(72 DPI)

Ghost Mannequin

Simple Image

$ 0.45
  • 72 DPI –> US$ 0.45/image
  • >72 DPI but <200 DPI -> +$0.14
  • >200 DPI but <300 DPI -> +$0.30
  • Medium Complex: $0.55/img(72 DPI)
  • High Complex: $0.75/img(72 DPI)

Color Correction

Simple Image

  • 72 DPI –> US$ 0.30/image
  • >72 DPI but <200 -> +$0.24
  • >200 DPI but <300 -> +$0.50
  • Medium Complex: $0.60/img (72 DPI)
  • High Complex: $1.15/img (72 DPI)

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Clipping path is an advanced tool found in many photo editing software. It is a pen-like tool used to draw precisely around the object that we want to select and cut it out from its original background. It allows making many changes to the picture separated from its background. With the high quality precision tool, we can change the backdrop of any picture enhancing its look and appeal.

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