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Our imagination has been transformed by Photoshop. Getting to grips with Photoshop can be of major assistance if you use digital images. Currently, Photoshop is used for creativity in the digital domain. It can be used from photography to digital magazines as well as animation and web design. It is difficult to undertake photography without Photoshop.

Even if you have Photoshop skills, you cannot turn an average picture into a perfect image without manipulating it. At the same time, Photoshop can assist you in transforming the best photo in your collection to a work of art. Getting to grips with Photoshop requires patience and it requires a lot of practice as it is a digital art. This article deals with the basic retouching skills in Photoshop. The following are five easy tips that will help learners get started:


Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

You can increase the speed of your workflow by learning keyboard shortcuts. The different tools in the bar have different shortcuts. Some of the most commonly used shortcuts are:

These are some of the most frequently used shortcuts in Photoshop. With regular usage of the software, you will get to know more about the shortcuts. Consequently, your pace at retouching will be quicker.


Color Enhancing

Saturation versus Vibrance You can focus on color as you seek to enhance your photos. At the beginning, improving the color in photography makes every picture look good. However, understanding the difference between vibrancy and saturation is useful.

Go to Image menu and choose Adjustment under the menu. As shown in the image to the right, select the Vibrance option. You will get two options under the menu – Vibrance and Saturation. Vibrance increases the saturation of less saturated colors. This option avoids yellow and orange skin tones. Basically vibrance works best for portraits.

On the contrary, the intensity of colors is similarly increased with saturation. It may not be the right fit for portraits of photos of people. What I can recommend is this: slowly start with vibrance for the color enhancement and use saturation later if you want to pump up the color more. When you look at the following two photos, you get an insight to the fact that vibrancy deals with enhancing the less saturated colors intensity. On the other hand, the intensity of colors is equally increased by saturation.


Adding a Vignette

The eyes focus on the subject more easily by darkening the edges of the frame through a process known as Vignetting. It is best applied when there is a subject at the center of the image. It is natural for eyes to move away from the darker side of an image to the brighter area. Consequently, this approach causes the subject to be surrounded by dark space. There are various ways in which you can add vignetting to your photos but I will explain to you how easy it is to add it using Photoshop in your images. Go to Filters Menu at the top and select “Lens Correction”, then choose the Custom Tab on the right. The third section down is for adding a vignette. Slide the Amount to the left to darken, and Midpoint to adjust the size of the circle.

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