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This basic list is a recommended approach to take when wanting to perfect your photo after creating it. When following these suggested workflows make sure you capture your photo in a file format like “RAW”. This way you will not have to follow a sequence for workflows, but rather arbitrarily apply each one. The end result will be after effects that will make your image feel like you have applied the delicate finishing touches!

Note: If you have not captured your image in a RAW format you may need to do the following workflows in sequence – sharpening, resizing and then noise reduction.

Let’s start with the following:


Applying white balance to your photo to improve on both saturation and contrast. Adjusting your white balance on your photo will enhance the colour of your photo and bring out clarity in each section, whether it is the ripples in the water of a dam or bring out the detail of a building.

Improving the quality and detail of your image with sharpening. Sharpening can be used to soften the offset inherited by your camera’s sensor and lens. Be aware that you need to apply this in a conservative way as you will be using different sharpening techniques throughout the process and this can affect other issues pertaining to quality such as, chromatic aberrations or noise, etc.

Adjust the exposure of your photo if you missed it on capture. With this workflow you are able to fine-tune your photo by using the adjustment settings. The setting will allow you to adjust your limitations (helps you to avoid too much compensation), viewing, image histogram and extreme tones.

Remove any unwanted noise in your photo. An image that was taken with an extremely high ISO speed can be edited by applying noise reduction techniques until there is no fussiness in the photo leaving it with more clarity.

Different techniques to use when you want to resize (up or down) your photo. It is important to remember to apply your resizing to your file once you have applied it to your photo. Take note that the techniques to up-size and down-size will be different.


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