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Babies are perfect in so many ways, and any photo of a baby gathers 100 likes on Facebook instantly, but the parents are not objective when looking at photos of their children. If they would look closely, they will observe tones of red skin, maybe some spots from eating on the blouse, and a general white pale of the face.

With Baby Portraits Retouching, we can change the characteristics of a baby photo, making you proud of your child. After decades, when you will show the photos to your daughter, she will not believe how beautiful she was even since the first days of her life!

Our portrait specialists can change contrasts, colors, overall exposure and tones. The reddish tones of skin are eliminated. This is made by cloning the best areas, and by using those on the ones that are not so great. Luminosity can be changed, so the lights will highlight the face of your baby. Spots and even unwanted objects can be removed from the photos by our specialists.

The skin of the baby looks different in contrasts with other objects from the photo? We can change the colors of blankets, walls and other objects, making sure that the baby is in the center of attention!

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