Adobe Photoshop are top rated powerful software by designers. While its performance is satisfying, use of plugins guarantees that it performs to its capabilities. Many are the instances where you experience hardships in specific tedious tasks under implementation. This turns out to be more efficient, particularly when you have the best free Photoshop plugins for Designers. Following are Photoshop Plugins with a range of features that aids designers to augment their productivity.

Layrs Control has different features which ease involved with carrying out day-to-day tasks. Main features of this plugin include; elimination of the effects that are unused comes with a layer name editor, users can level out layer effects and reduction of file size by deletion of empty layers.

Renderly has an auto feature that transfers design specs and screen. It is designed to export specific elements altered by the designer. Use correct prefix as the plugin does the rest for you.

With social kit, designers have access to social media platforms. They include major sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. As well, social buttons are added features. Users can update and customize your own template. Are able to see their works in real time.

Do you want to cut any file and transfer them in PNG design? Do you want to name your layers and export assets to varying devices? This will improve one’s workforce and for that think Cut&Slice plugin. Moreover, you will not find unsupported characters in the exported files.

With Breezy Photoshop plugin, designers are able to organize graphics for website or app development. This is because Breezy add-on functions by supporting multi-layer file exports. Furthermore, during the transfer of this layer file, designers can organize files and folders under exportation.

Flaticon homes a database of add-on for designers. With over 31,000 icons, major ones include vector icons. It is worthwhile since it lets users download files in PSD, PNG or SVG formats. While this icon is editable and scale-able to any viewer, they are compatible with Windows and Mac OS X devices.

Web Font is a Photoshop plugin that supports the design of website using different fonts. What’s more, designers view varying fonts while working on a particular design. Note; you do not have to pay for any font unless you have settled on which font to use in your site.

Coming up with exact multiple columns when using Photoshop guides is not easy. Thus, think Guide plugin. You will have no problem meeting correct baselines, midpoints, rows and columns. It’s compatible with Photoshop CC, CS5 and CS6. is a must have Photoshop plugin. Designers can now search for assets and icon, drag and drop them to their works. In this case, icons are in vector formats. Hence, during insertion, make sure they are scale-able smart objects.

CSS3P, a Photoshop plugin that alters layers to CSS3P. It supports features such as SASS and SCSS, gradient overlay, outer and inner glow, stroke border radius and drop shadow. Select layers or multiple layers whichever the case is and convert them with a click. Note; for this plugin to work effectively, set your Photoshop effects correctly.

Composer – update layers or multiple layers with a single click. It reduces maintenance work. Works best with Photoshop SC5 or higher. Save Panel – a plugin that supports file saving. Customize names and types of file you want to save, image size, destination folders from the Save Panel Control.


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