Plenty of Photoshop image editing tools have since been developed and there are those that really caught people’s imaginations and evolved throughout the years. Photoshop tools and techniques range from beginner to advanced skill levels but some tools with really cool effects can be easy to use. All you need is a little knowledge on how layers work and how different elements can come together but can also be separately edited as well as a lot of practice; you will be able to perfect one of these Photoshop techniques.

One of the most useful Photoshop techniques that you can use is creation of water reflection for an interesting effect. To do this, open the image that you want to edit and create a new layer by pulling up the image on the tool bar and duplicating it. For the reflection, however, allot a small space where your image’s reflection would be. This is done by modifying your “Canvas Size” found on your “Image” menu in your navigation bar. Input your desired dimensions but a safe way to do this if you do not have preset values in mind is to double the canvas and assign 100% increase in “Height”. Do not forget to select “Relative” as well as to assign a centre square to refer to it as your anchor.

Next, look for the “Edit” menu and select “Transform”. Flip the image vertically and drag it to the bottom of the page. Thereafter, create an additional layer on your panel and fill-in with white colour. On your “Filter” menu, click “Sketch” to turn your image into a drawn figure and apply “Halftone Pattern”. Also, remember to tick “Line” under your “Pattern Type”. Assign different values to see the effect on your image. Lower values will result to more lines and once you’ve found the right details for your image by assigning different values, click “Okay” to apply the changes to your layer.

The next step is to filter your image using “Gaussian Blur” to ensure that your lines transition smoothly. You can modify the edge for a softer impression by changing the radius. At this point, save your work as a document and delete the lines layer. The ripple effect is now ready to be placed and a way to do this is to distort and displace your image by going to your “Filters” menu and selecting these elements. You can choose various ways for your ripples to appear horizontally and once you’ve decided on a particular effect, “Stretch to Fit” the image and “Repeat Edges Pixels”.

After you have confirmed how your ripple effect will look like and have correctly stretched it, Photoshop will ask you for a displacement map. Open your lines document and click it to merge the layers. Your original image will not be masked with ripples. Fix the image by choosing the bottom layer for your mask and re-apply “Gaussian Blur” under “Filters” onto the mask for a softer finish between the two layers.

Finally, adjust hue and saturation levels for a better effect. Choose “Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask” so that only the elements for the bottom layer will be changed. For a bluer finish for the water only, slide the “Hue” knob to your desired effect. Then, go back to your layers and lower the opacity for a more natural look. Your reflection is now complete. There are many other photo editing companies who use these techniques that you can easily do with a little knowledge of Photoshop. Repeat this technique on more photos, to practice and perfect it, once you have mastered it, take on a more difficult level of editing to improve your skills.


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