Hair Masking With Refine Edge Technique


Every Photoshop user wants to know how to remove the background from photos and fill in a new background?

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This is a hassle free procedure in case the original background possesses a solid colour and the edges are neat.There are a wed number of photo editing websites which ensure to provide amazing results but are not capable of delivering high-quality output as expected. There are a number of professionals who makes use of advanced knowledge of colour channels along with confusing commands such as Apply Image and Calculations for the separation of messed up fur and hair from the background. On the other hand, if you are willing to remove the background from photos which possess irregular backdrop with ample details, here is Hair masking service technique for you which come with refine edge option.

You can find details in a photo such as a fur, hair and nylon strands in brushes can be chosen with the use of Refine Edge command which was introduced in Photoshop CS3. Removal of background from images with disturbed outline is no more a hassle some process. The refine edge command of new Photoshop CS5 comes with a major revamp which assists the selection of hair to a considerable extent. This procedure which is used for changing photo background with refining edge option contributes to being ideal for the purpose of hair masking.

The first step of hair masking is inclusive of drawing a rough selection around the subject you are willing to extract. It is possible to leave scanty portions of hair and choose only the thick portions without any gap between them. You should choose and possess the background you are willing to replace in the layer under the canvas you are going to work.You should make use of refined edge and choose viewing option for being on black or anything which may suit you.

You should note that a small preview thumbnail that shows current view mode after the choice is made. You should choose the on layers view mode where it is possible to find Edge Detection selection below it directly.

You should start dragging the radius of edge detection and check out whether the selection has more hair. You, however, need to be careful while using this specific tool as you may find that the choices are revealing things around the other selection borders. The air portions here will require a wider radius but the other areas will not require any. This is where the manual skills are of immense help. It is possible to adjust the radius of refined brushes in a manual way so that the areas around the hair come with more width along with areas which possess minimal width.

You can observe Reveal Layer view mode active in the next step. The original photo is going to return to the document window in the next step which makes things easier and you require to paint with the use of Refine Radius Tool. After which you should be moving on to adjust edge options. You should ensure that the Smooth, Feather and Contrast is in the value.

In case you find that the photo has an ample amount of fringing, you should ensure to adjust the same with the use of Decontaminate Colors option present in the output section. It is also possible to clean layer mask in case you feel it is required. Your final photo that appears with perfect hair masking with the new background is ready.

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