How to Create Shadow Effect for Footwear?


Nowadays, with the ongoing demand of the product photography, Photoshop thus becomes one of the most essential handy editing tools that can create all type of magic to produce a final dazzling product. So, even if it is about adding some sorts of shadow, which will make it, look more natural.

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Let us consider the case of footwear. This is one product where comfort and style combines together. And when you cannot actually wear in before purchasing, the looks must be attractive enough so that it at once catches the attention of the viewers. Hence, shooting this particular thing and the editing works are crucial enough.

The Procedures

Photoshop is equipped with many tools and techniques to provide you all the ease and comfort of editing. And in case of footwear, you can finally create an unmatched version that will look most appealing. How to do it? Take a look.

  1. Layer Styling: This is one of the most effective techniques in Photoshop to try for image editing. All you need to do is break the background into different layers to efficiently work on the different components of your image. Layer styling keeps the resolution of the image intact and provides you the freedom to experiment with reflection and shadow effects. While there are different types of effects that can be used, you can select from a multiple range by going to Windows>Effect, which will give you a drop down list to select from.
  2. Inner or Drop Shadow: To add a soft halo on the inner and the outer edge of the photo’s background, this effect can be used. This option also allows you to tune size, opacity and the angle of the Drop Shadow Service.
  3. Bevels: This option allows you to create a 3D effect of the product. Embossed effect or to lift the shoe, this is the most ideal option.
  4. Visibility: With its help you can hide or partially show a portion. In short, to hide a reflection or a shadow, use this feature.

Elliptical Marquee Tool: This is yet another feature through which you can add shadows to the footwear image. For this, select the image and fill the background with white color. After creating a clear background, use the Brush tool and set the diameter and hardness depending on the type of shadow. From the effect panel, choose the shadow effect. Draw the shadow length, reduce opacity to give it a natural look

Even there are pen selection, lasso tools and quick selection tools through which you can create a successful shadow on your footwear.

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