Image Stitching Services-The Overlap Advantage


There has been much confusion about the term Image Stitching Services. Previously in earlier days the different layers of photos were overlapped in the dark rooms by the artists to bring up the attractive view of their landscape clicks. But in the currents days the same process is continued in some advanced methods in the digital studios. There is availability of a number of software that has made the work easier. Also with such advancement in technologies the Image Stitching Services has become an integral part of the processing. A single composite gives the desired appearance of the photos of a high count.

Image stitching overlap

Such steps of overlapping and image stitching are the result of high patience of an expert editor. One such editor overlaps the various layer of the photo in the same frame to make the correct angles. The shots are captured from various angles in the same lighting set up. The photographer and the photo editor must be well coordinated much before the project is carried out. Contributions of both of them matters equally in one such job. The photographer should have the proper selection of lens and angles as well to make the overlap possible. This will allow the photo editor to the job of stitching more conveniently. This kind of works demands huge put into practice and perfection to make it work.

Avoidance of Different Textures of Lighting

Often the photographer took shots in different light each time. This changed the texture of the photos. In the similar ways the contrast and the brightness differs. This made the job of editing and stitching much difficult for the editor. This also accounts for the increase in the cost of the editing. However, with the help of the online software and more of them this problem could be m minimized to a large extent. Most of the editors now choose to use such software with these features that make the editing easier. This has widened the scope of editing to a large extent. The clients are also getting interests in such context as the photos they are availing become really attractive.

Photoshop has many other interesting features that have made the clients even more eager to have such edited images. There are many clients who need impressive pictures. The travel agencies are the most demanding clients on this ground. The wall to wall fit images that are used to sell to the globetrotters contains the view of various cityscapes. These are made by the highly proficient software. The photos are merged seamlessly that gets them the look of fine tapestry. An auto stitch device is used that can prepare an overlapped image of pictures without frame. The number of images can range from only two pictures to that of thirty pictures.


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