Tips for the Best Product Photography


The truth is that perceived value of the product is directly related to the quality of your product photography. E-commerce flourishes these days with the attractive quality of web design and beautiful and high quality photograph is a big part in making it look more glamorous for Photo editor Indian While your website is often judged with the quality of your product image, clicking it in the right way is thus a very crucial factor.

And this is not just the aesthetics. A properly clicked photo will create the difference betwe

en a ‘sale’ and ‘no sale’. This factor is essential when you’re distributing your products to a popular online portal where there is a lot of competition and competitors are giving their best shots. So, when you get started, product photography can be tough since a good one is expensive enough.  Hence, there are many tools which will help you to do the work yourself.

What Is Needed?

There are so many ways to get the correct product photography. So, whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you can definitely have the best shots. But most importantly, what you’ll need, to initiate the process?

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • White background
  • Table
  • Tape
  • Right room

The Steps

When everything is ready, and at par, the next concern, is to set up the entire thing. The step by step process is thus mentioned here.

Setting Up The Table: For shooting with the window light, set the table close to the window so that the shadow doesn’t intersect from the windowsill. As closer as you put the table to the window, the light will be soft. Remember to light other lights in the room to give a uniform set up. Make sure that the direct sunlight doesn’t make it look harsh and bad.

Set Up The Sweep: The mat board should be placed vertically and the ultimate goal is to avoid from going it flat. Place the product at the center of the sweep and leave some space to put the white card reflector later on.

Set Up The Camera: Adjust the White Balance, flash settings and if you don’t have RAW, set the image quality to the largest settings. Check the ISO and the exposure setting and adjust accordingly.

Click, Evaluate & Retouch: Once you’re satisfied with the settings, click the picture and check the image on the camera. Finally transfer it to a PC and check for any flaws. If needed adjust the exposure and the background.

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