What Is The Relation Between Good Image And Sales?


When you want to buy a product that you like, don’t you feel like touching the product and looking at it from every angle? Well without looking at it you are not confident enough to buy the product. The product images are very important to entice the customer into buying their desired product. The images must appeal to the customer’s taste and preferences. The buyers definitely need visual cajoling for them to be tempted enough to buy any product.

Advantages of Product Imaging

  1. 1.Enhanced Product Understanding: With online marketing gaining popularity, the need of the customers to hold an object before buying it is fulfilled by the image enhancement service of the product. Pictures tell the customers about the product.
  2. 2.Brand Promotion: Images help in brand promotion as well. As there are many online shopping sites around for the customers, to stick to your site you must provide good and sleek pictures of the products you are selling.
  3. Increased ROI: High quality pictures will result in an increase in sales as the smart customers would like to see the images of the products before buying as there are lesser chances of return of purchase if the decision is made after seeing the image of the product.

Product Imagery Pointers

  1. Planning: It is always smart to plan what you want to project in your photos and keep up with competition on similar sites. Always prepare the product properly before shooting and take perfect pictures.
  2. Camera Set Up: Always use a high quality camera to capture images and use a tripod for longer shots and make sure about the light settings and all those stuff to ensure that you have a good quality image which enhances the appeal of the product.
  3. Natural Environment: Always take the pictures in the natural environment of the product that you are planning to sell. For instance if you are selling kitchen appliances you must take the picture in the kitchen area to give it a natural feel.
  4. Visual Experience: When a customer visits your site it is absolutely imperative for the customer to have a visual experience of walking through the store before buying any product.
  5. Editing: There are various editing apps which can be used to give the product images the desired sheen and beauty to make it more enticing for the customers.

So, in this day and age of online shopping, it has become imperative for sellers to give due importance to the imagery of their products and make it more and more attractive for the buyers who are looking for their desired products to choose their sites to make their purchases from.

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