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Family Portraits are the nicest memories that we can have. Before sending the photos from your wedding to your relatives, maybe it is a good idea to “improve” those a little. Your aunt Thelma will not be so thrilled when she sees her white hair in photos, while your mother didn’t managed to cover her wrinkles with that makeup. With Family portraits editing and retouching, you can change the unpleasant aspects in portraits and family photos, making everybody happy!

From expressions of faces to removing the white pale of skin, everything is possible for our editors. The most suited programs for this type of work are Photoshop, Photomatrix and easyHDR, but there are many others. Here are the enhancements that are currently requested by our clients, which always come back to us when they need new editing jobs of this kind.

Family portraits retouching – make everybody happy in your photos, even that grumpy Uncle Ned! Remove weird expressions, close the mouths of the children so their cavities will not appear in photos, and remove the red eyes of your husband! Now you have a portrait that you can print and hang on your dining room’s wall with pride!

Pregnancy and Kids editing and retouching – pregnant moms are sexy and attractive at the same time. After giving birth, they are even more attractive when they hold their babies in their arms. You can even use the photos for winning baby’s photo contests, but are you sure that the photos look that great for a competition? Our designers will enhance pregnancy and baby photos, making your loved ones to look like angels!

Whether you want black and white, sepia and other effects – your photographs are your greatest pride, and you want them to look as art pieces. It is possible, by adding special effects, colors, and by changing contrasts.

Corporate, groups and college portraits – corporate photos will represent the pride of the company after years, when those employees will become CEO’s and managers of the company. A group gathering to celebrate 15 years since finishing college or even a graduation photo must be perfect. Joanne will not want to see her wrinkles, while those closed eyes of Rick are ruining the photo? With Family portraits editing and retouching, all those can be solved.


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