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Whether we are talking about a home, appliance or car, people rush to their computers whenever they want to buy assets. The managers of Real Estate Agencies, Malls, Retails Stores and Service Providers are aware about the importance of a good website. The photographers taking the photos of your products might make mistakes, and you can’t just send him back to take new photos just because of a few wrong shadows. The HDR Photo Editing Services of our company remove those unpleasant elements from photos, making sure that those will be impressive for clients.

HDR Photo Editing Services are more than editing digital photos. Digital photos are good, but for wider scenes with a high contrast range, the shadows might ruin the general aspect. HDR is a modern editing method known only by the most talented Photoshop wizards, and we have a few of those in our team!

HDR is the abbreviation of High Dynamic Image, meaning improved shadows, the elimination of shadow restrictions, and the introduction of the visual effect of contrasts. If several images of the same landscape or objects are combined this way, the angles of exposure can be combined for a final incredible result.

The colors of a garage door of a house will have a brighter white, while the house will have the perfect appearance, without spots of rust on the metallic structure, or without broken tiles or molds. HDR Photo Editing is an editing and improving method. It is mainly a technical method, but this does not mean that imagination is not required. Our Photoshop wizards are those that can make technique work for the art.

Photography merging mean to combine over or under exposed photos to create shadows that are more detailed. It is possible to offer different styles to a single property or landscape. A house can be modern if it is visited by a young couple, or it can be traditional for an older one.

Virtual Tours are created with HDR Photo Editing Services. If you want to offer your visitors the possibility to visit a home directly from your website, you can contact us for a free evaluation and support, and even for free samples.


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