Drop Shadow Effect Service

Shadow Effect is a widely used effect in image editing. Shadow effect is simply the process of putting shadow in a photo. There are various types of shadow effects which are used in different types of pictures based on their background and purpose. Drop shadow is one of the most used shadow effects.

Drop shadow effect is a technique of creating artificial shadow of an object where the shadow is not present in the original picture. Using the drop shadow effect one can easily add a new background to a picture and make the picture look realistic. It helps the object of the picture to adjust with the background by creating an imitation shadow.

Shading an image increases its depth. You can have numerous reason to have picture which doesn’t have a uniform illumination. Camera, Lighting, Background, Places or Lens, anything can be a reason of decompose your picture. Here drop shadow can help you to make your picture look more uniform with colors and shadows. Another thing is, you can make a 2D picture look more like a 3D picture by using the drop shadow. Usually the original picture does not have a shadow of the objects. But when we apply drop effect it creates shadow and makes the image look like a 3D image.

Drop shadow is not only used to make shadow of a picture object. It’s widely used in adding text shadows as well. It simulates the 2D text into 3D view by creating offset shadow behind the text to show that the text is hovering above the background in 3D space. Images simulated using drop shadow are extensively used in advertisement purpose.

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