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Generating an original picture can sometimes be straightforward but time-consuming when using a clipping mask in Photoshop correctly. Frequently, the available shortcuts are used in order to accelerate the end result leading to an unattractive picture. Rather start by using the “Quick tools” option to create a clipping path and then move to free hand and adjust the picture – ending with a refined attractive picture.


How to use the Magic Wand for larger flat colour backgrounds

The Magic Wand is useful when you need to quickly select a large portion of your picture that has flat pixel or neutral background colours such as a big blue sky or a large green wall. The Magic Wand becomes trickier to use when you need to select a more detailed section that has many colours in the background or if you need to select a character from the picture. However, if you do prefer using the Magic Tool as your clipping path, take care when selecting the detailed sections by zooming in and dragging a line in order to select the appropriate amount in your picture, edit where needed.

It becomes essential for you to rather go free hand when your picture has comprehensive detail or requires you to edit several lines in order to sufficiently outline the picture. A clipping mask allows you to create anchor points in order to drag the path when needed and lets you make improvements at a later stage.


How to not over-edit your picture

You now have a shape and size that represents your picture – the layer you created can now be used to begin your editing process. Handle each editing technique independently in order to gauge what extra work will be required as you work through your picture. The end goal will be to try and keep the picture as close to the original idea as possible, while using as few editing tools as possible in order to produce the end result. Be careful not to add too many factitious details, as people tend to notice if a picture has been modified.

If you are looking to add more to your picture, most versions of Photoshop support “Style tools”. Style tools can be used to edit pictures that do not have much detail. If you are trying to create an original piece, rather use your free hand. Additionally, stay away from placing editing effects on the original picture. Instead, create an additional layer and edit it there as you will have to abandon your efforts up until that point to remove the unwanted effect.

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