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Have you ever tried to remove the background of a complicated photo, or to crop some elements to use them in other places? It is impossible to make this operation perfectly, especially if you don’t have the skills. Even if you think that you can do a great job, you will discover that the elements look like being cut with a saw, and when you put those in another photo, it will be weird. This is why you need our specialized photo clipping path services, which can be used for various purposes.

Clipping Path is used by publishing houses, when they need the photo of an important personality in an article. It can be used by web developers to use some elements from a photo on a website, or even by retailers that want to create interesting catalogues. Of course, it can also be used by individuals that only want to make their photos to look better. We are specialized in doing that, so we can guarantee you full satisfaction.

The difficulty of Photo Clipping Path is given by the complexity of the photo. We can handle any format, any photography, and the specialized Photoshop team will work wonders for you. There are several categories of clipping services, categories that are no match for the skills of our designers:

Simple clipping path – this is usually used for simple images, with only a few elements that must be clipped. The edges of the cut elements will have smooth lines, being ready to be placed anywhere on websites or in other photos

Complex Clipping Path – do you have a group photo from which you want to remove some people, and to put others? In this case, clipping must be made naturally, while the surfaces must look smooth and natural. This takes time, because every pixel must be analyzed and modified. If you need a catalogue with flowers, bouquets or even with computer components, you will need this service.

Shadowed Clipping Path – Yes, moving a person from one photo to another might not be such a difficult task, but what about shadows? Isn’t it a little weird to have ten persons in a photo, and only one without a shadow? We can add natural shadows, even if the original photo does not have them.


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