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One of the first things to do is to create a grid when starting a design comp. It is the platform on which your image will lie. There are two methods of issuing a grid. They are both quick and efficient and allow you to put in more time designing.

Method 1

In this method vertical columns are set up by guide utilizing GuideGuide authored by Cameron McEfee. However, as a plug-in for Photoshop it is still in its beta stage of production. Despite this, my personal experience with it was satisfactory. There is a soon to be released GuideGuide2 version with enhanced features. The GuideGuide page features all the installation instructions. In addition, you can look at a video tutorial on how to use it. It was compiled by Russell Brown of Adobe.



By measuring margins, columns & gutter, “create guides”. Make grid to 960 pixels. If the canvas for your design comp is wide, do the quick math so that the margin lengths allow for the grid to be constrained to your 960 pixels. It is possible to set up a baseline grid using this method. Unfortunately, you will get various guides. An alternative method could be the one featured on a Method & Craft video presented by Mike Precious.



The following are steps that are used to set up an extensible baseline grid.

If design is set to 14point Helvetica then setup 18 pixel baseline grid. The dimensions should be 1-pixel wide and 18-pixels height. “Select All,” & save a new pattern. Do this by Edit → Define Pattern… Go Adjustment Layer → Pattern, & select your newly created grid pattern. Adjust the opacity as desired.



There is an additional baseline grid at your disposal which you can utilize without using the vertical column grid. If put on top of a design comp, a baseline grid can cause visual clutter. However, using this method, the baseline grid will be toggled when required. This offers a better solution if you favor using guides for your grid. The availability of an easy shortcut allows you to show and hide the grid



You could confuse vertical elements with the grid when using them to mark other elements. There are limited options for the grid like setting the height of the horizontal mode in comparison to the second method. The grid lines may not align with the pixel grid as they are determined mathematically. This could result in your guides falling in an uneven manner and getting positioned in between the actual pixels. There are two processes involved in creating a baseline and vertical grid as opposed to a single process in the second method.

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