Stock Photo Editing Service

Stock photos are referred to the photographs of common places, landmarks, nature or people that can be sold or bought without having further royalty and can be used by the client in future for different purposes. However, the photographer has ownership to the image but the commercial designer has some limited usage of the photo. Terms of Service policies differ between stock photography agencies.

Stock photos are used instead of hiring a photographer, sometimes for a lower cost. Now a day’s stock image can be purchased and delivered through online. But stock photos need to be edited before it can be used. Most of the people find stock photos tend to have a look that makes them different from other photos, in other words they look like “stock photos”. But if someone wants to use them they probably would not want to have those photos look they were bought off the shelf.

So any stock photographer needs to edit their stock images before they deliver them to his clients. There’s a lot of techniques to edit stock photos and make them more realistic. It is recommended to shoot in the RAW format so that you can have some flexibility while editing. Photoshop provides some basic editing tools to edit your RAW image virtually up to the standard. There’s also color correction and contrast tools, different shadow effects and post processing effects to edit your stock photos. And finally straightening or compositional cropping might be useful to edit your stock images.

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