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Are you an iPhone, iPad or Android user? Do you want the best photo app with featured editing tools? Following is a guide to better photo apps that exist. While you have heard of this app, it’s likely that you are not familiar with others. Note; none of them are on par with Photoshop CC; nonetheless, you will love their outcome.



So much has been said in reference Photochop. Maybe it’s because of its funny name. There are no hardships when using this tool. Select a photo that you want to chop from your gallery.

Then, chop it into a set of organized tiles, then realize how crazy you are. When it comes to working with the tiles you have to select which options. If you are a beginner, opt to work directly with tiles. It allows you to drag, rotate and re-size to create an amazing college effects.


Handy Photo

Visit user interface and you realize why a handy photo is such a selling app. It has rotating menus that you will find in the corners of your device screen. This is so to keep its center uncluttered with icons. Thus, users use swipes gesture effects with much ease. Note; with the inclusion of ‘Move Me’ tool, you can move, re-size or flip images.



Existing as an admired smart phone and Android app, Frametastic is a must have since they are free. Want to share one of your memorable pictures? This app is unique such that it organizes photos throughout user’s life. Hence, if you need to edit a set of pictures from an event in your life, that is possible. It’s somewhere in between Instagram and Camera +; however, with frame features.

Note: For higher resolution modes, switch ultra-solution.


Camera +

The camera that comes with the iPhone is not effective enough to varying users demand. Although you can use them and still get decent shots, you need Camera + to do the job for you in style. This app comes with unique control features and it where it excels. It is designed photo app with editor control options.

Tip: with Camera + you are not limited to, image editing the captions that you have taken recently. Import your photo gallery, from where they are stored. Regardless of their age, you can create life from them.

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