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With GIMP (free software) or Photoshop you can easily transform your photo into an Instagram style photo and look like you are using an IPhone or as if you are an old pro. Here are a few ideas and ways in which you can achieve this:


Vintage Photo Photoshop Actions

Try using Photoshop Actions as Photoshop Actions is a great way to get the Vintage look and feel applied to your photo. If you are looking to learn more about Photoshop Actions search for Vintage Photo Photoshop Actions in Google, here you will find a ton of easy-to-use techniques.

If you are interested in creating a “Nashville” effect using GIMP or Photoshop follow these instructions:


Choose your photo (duplicate it so that you have a back-up) and open your photo editor.

Select a new layer, choose a filling colour of “pale yellow” or something close to its RGB (250, 220, 175 or #fadcaf if you wish) of this colour, and set the layer to “multiply” when in blending mode.
Note: If you do play around with its RGB, it may affect your end result.

At this stage you will need to go back to your background layer to apply some adjustments. You need to firstly work with the central slider bar – adjust this by moving to the left side of your histogram (your RGB should be adjusting in the three channels), till you get the desired effect.

Next you want to open the levels – for Photoshop “Ctrl and L”, and in GIMP “navigate to the colours”.

Your next step will be to change the levels to work in the “Green – channel” by adjusting only the Green channel or RBG channel by moving closer to the right side of your screen.

Now for the “Blue – channel” – radically adjust your output levels slider. If you have adjusted all three channels, click on OK.

Whalla – your photo is now transformed into the vintage Instagram style look!

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