Neck Joint Service

When consumers purchase something online, they want to be able to see the entire item. In particular cloths hanging on a mannequin give the clothing item form and shape similar to being warn by a real person. However, the mannequin obscures the inside of the clothing item. Customers want to be able to see the inside collar, the color and fabric texture of the inside of the jacket or blouse. Neck Joint Service is the art of removing the image of the mannequin on the photograph and replacing these areas with realistic image material of the clothing item. Call or send us an email for additional information. Our talented photo editors provide professional NeckJointServices™ to magazine publishers and fashion websites who are looking for ghost mannequin images. The art of removing the image of a mannequin from the photo and adding the side and back of the fabric to the photo is just one part of the artistic photo editing services that our artists provide to our customers. With many years of experience cropping, retouching, changing and enhancing photos our services will far surpass your expectations.

Every image is handled separately. Images are in any format like psd, jpeg, bitmap or eps. Pictures shot in digicam are in jpeg format or Joint Photographic Experts Group. Editing images in jpeg format is relatively easy as photographers may not always have the knowledge to edit images professionally. Retouching a photo is done simply giving it an enhanced appearance. The photo is set with a basic clipping path technique that facilitates the changing of its background. A defined shape isolates the main object helping to knock out the unwanted portions.

We provide round the clock service, customized packaging, and excellent communication with our customers to ensure their every need is met. A clipping path forms a stroke around an entity in your picture enabling you to detach the entity and put it in another picture. There are two ways a Photoshop clipping path can be formed. A magic wand tool is the easiest option. It is located in the tools palette. Photoshop samples the color of that pixel when you click on a part of your picture. A clipping path around any part of the picture with similar shades of that color is then formed by Photoshop. However, with complex images, this method can cause jagged edges or ghosting. The second clipping path option in Photoshop involves doing everything by hand. It is done by employing the Pen tool which is actually a combination of several tools. You will employ the “Delete Anchor Point”, “Convert Point Tool” and “Add Anchor Point”. Start by zooming into the picture and while utilizing these three tools to trace the border. Focus on the centre as this is where has blended the background with the edges of the object. The knockout approach has advanced over the years incorporating sharp vector lines allowing the digital images to become more attractive to the eye. The various methods used during editing are called ‘Work Path’. With more tools on the menu, clipping path has become more useful to a final composition of the image. On completion of editing, the image is saved in pdf, dcs or pds format. The eps format is preferred by most clients because further changes can be made if need arises.


Why Us?

In the near future, the will be a Federal increase in the US minimum wage. Cost savings will arise by outsourcing this kind of work to professionals abroad. This is because it is tedious and time consuming.

A nice background can change the general aspect of a photo. Sometimes, we like how we look in some photos, but it is ruined by some friend making funny faces, or by another object in the background: an ashtray, some un-ordered clothes, or unwashed dishes in the sink. Many friends of yours will hurry to help you, saying that it is simple to remove objects in the background, or even to change it completely. However, once they send you the modified photo, you will observe blurry lines, unwanted black or white pixels, and weird shapes that would look unnatural. This is why you need our professional services for Image Background Removal.

Background removedYes, we will also use Photoshop for this, but besides this program, we have many other tools that would make your photos perfect. This way, your photos will have a clean look, whether we are talking about a professional presentation for a resume, or about a family photo that must look perfectly before being put on Facebook.

This is made with clipping tools, but especially with attention for details. Every pixel is carefully analyzed by our team, and we will make sure that it is perfectly suited with the rest of the décor. Here are the most important tools that we can use for making your photos perfect:

– The Background Eraser Tool is used to remove the background for every photo, so the characters from the first plan will be highlighted

– The Channel Mask is used for the same purposes, but also for masking the potential pixels remained after cropping

– Magnetic Lasso Tool is a professional program for removing backgrounds, with will help us to do that without affecting the quality of it.

Image Background Removal is commonly used today and very useful for some. Let’s suppose that you want a photo for your resume, but all the walls in your house are white and dull. We can remove it, and we can put an impressive building instead, or the interior of an office. It is also useful for marketing purposes. If you have a virtual store and you want your products to look professional, you must know that the background is important for those, and our company is there to help you in this matter.

Clipping path services are employed by various companies including magazine publishers, firma using products catalogues or those that sell products online as well as photographers and advertising companies. The current image editing software allows images to be manipulated in innumerable ways. Quality editing helps sell products as well.

Outsourcing in the global market is becoming the norm. Companies are hiring professionals abroad because of the convenience of the internet with the following benefits:

Cost: Our clipping path cost starting from US$0.19 per image. Please contact us for final costing.

Skill: Companies abroad are very good at image editing that is rather tedious work. Better results are derived from more detail in this line of work. Employing a high quality service provides a natural looking and professional product.

Minimal Costs: Experts do the image editing work fast and this reduces the time taken to complete the job. It helps keep the costs low.

Handiness: Contractors abroad are available 24/7 throughout the year. The professionals start immediately and there is no need to schedule a work plan for the local employees. Hiring experts abroad is not problematic and it can be done at short notice. All you need to do is to provide the right information and instructions to the contractor.


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